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Nestled in the heart of Contra Costa County, Pittsburg is an industrial community with a local population of approximately 65,000 residents. Once home to a large military installation at Camp Stoneman, today Pittsburg serves as a popular destination for families, working professionals, and students from across the Bay Area. Los Medanos College provides post-secondary learning opportunities, and Pittsburg shares a convenient link to San Francisco, thanks to the local BART station.

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Explore the City of Pittsburg

Modern-day Pittsburg has undergone a renaissance of sorts over the past several years, with the community investing heavily in redevelopment efforts designed to breathe new life into this Bay Area city. The Capital Improvement Program is one notable example, an initiative that aims to help revitalize the city and promote continued economic growth.

Because Pittsburg has an abundance of industrial activity, many citizens move to the community for jobs in the steel foundry and chemical facilities. Other prominent employers in the city include Ramar International, a food manufacturer that produces ice cream locally.

Of course, life in Pittsburg doesn’t revolve exclusively around the local economy. The city has been recognized as one of the most diverse in all of California, which has created a unique mixture of different cultures and heritages. A number of popular destinations can be found dotted around Pittsburg, including the historic California Theatre in vibrant Old Town Pittsburg, and the breathtaking Pittsburg Marina.

Investing in Pittsburg Real Estate

Purchasing property in Pittsburg, California can prove a smart strategy for real estate investors, thanks to strong housing needs and steady population growth. As manufacturing facilities in the area expand, the need for workers rises, in turn generating more need for Pittsburg rentals. Furthermore, as the city aims to continue investing in infrastructure and new points of attraction over the coming decade, it’s likely that even more people will move to the city.

Of course, owning rental property in Pittsburg comes with its fair share of challenges. From finding qualified tenants to handling the ongoing maintenance and financial needs of the home, many housing providers ultimately find themselves overwhelmed with the number of responsibilities on their shoulders.

Working with a Pittsburg Property Management Firm

If you own a local rental property and want to maximize the value of your home, consider working with a talented Pittsburg property management firm. The right manager will not only take care of the chores associated with running your rental property, but also alleviate the stress on your shoulders.

At Bruce Croskey Real Estate, we’ve helped countless local property owners to get more out of their residential rentals. Unlike some of the big impersonal firms that apply a “one-size-fits-all” approach, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to get the best results possible. Regardless of whether you own a single Pittsburg rental property or you’re juggling multiple rentals in the Bay Area, our capable management team is ready to help.

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Save Money

Like changing your oil to prevent engine failure, homes need maintenance to prevent tenant and home failure. Routine maintenance prevents costly repairs and replacements of the systems on your property. A well maintained home also makes tenants happy. Happy tenants pay rent and stay longer!


While we are performing inspections or our routine scheduled maintenance, we will be able to let you know about necessary repairs that need to be done. We will then coordinate the repairs for you with one of our vetted vendors. Systems on your property will need repair, plan for it.

Maintenance Standards

Every property we mange must have the following done:
☑ Clean the dryer vent
☑ Clean the gutters in the fall
☑ Lubricate the garage opener
☑ Inspect interior caulking
☑ Inspect exterior caulking
☑ Service HVAC twice a year
☑ Flush the water heater


Each of the four seasons has its own maintenance needs. We schedule all required maintenance so that you do not need to worry about it and so that it is not forgotten.

Maintenance Options

We have several options for dealing with your property maintenance needs.
☑ Pay Per Service
Maintenance Program Add-on
"The Super Pack" management service

Legal Guidance

Don't find yourself running afoul of the law. With the Bruce Croskey Real Estate team on your side, you can rest assured you're making decisions that are legally sounded.

Why Choose Bruce Croskey Real Estate?

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At Bruce Croskey Real Estate, you’ll never find yourself leaving endless messages to get our attention. Things move quickly in the property management world, and we’re happy to provide guidance at a moment’s notice.

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Unlike the other guys using outdated platforms to keep their properties afloat, we use innovative technology to keep your firm protected and manage relationships with our clients—it’s a difference that truly shows.

Your Tenants Will Love Our Customer Service

Don’t leave your tenants dealing with just any old property manager. We work overtime to provide exemplary customer service, keeping renters satisfied and reducing your turnover rates.

We're Honest and Open

Lots of property managers use extra fees and expenses to nickel and dime their clients, but we’re cut from a different cloth. When you work with Bruce’s team of experts, you’ll know what to expect each month.

Your Tenants Will Love Our Customer Service

Don’t leave your tenants dealing with just any old property manager. We work overtime to provide exemplary customer service, keeping renters satisfied and reducing your turnover rates.

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Choosing the right property manager in the East Bay is a serious decision you shouldn’t take lightly. You’re not simply looking for the cheapest player in the game. Instead, you need a partner who understands the challenges of the local market and will work to protect your investment, keep tenants satisfied, and most importantly, make you money. At Wolfgang Property Management, we strive to ensure every client receives the best property management possible.

From Pittsburgh to Antioch, Bridgehead, and Bay Point, our seasoned team knows the East Bay, inside and out. For three generations, our family has been helping local property owners and investors to get the most out of their properties. Whether you need help managing a single home or you’re struggling to keep up with a portfolio of residential and commercial units, we can help you achieve enviable results.

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