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With a growing population of approximately 50,000 local residents, Brentwood is a smaller city in Contra Costa County. Once an agricultural powerhouse, in the 20th century this community witnessed a huge influx of new citizens from across the Bay Area. Modern Brentwood is a largely residential community, with many people commuting to San Francisco. In fact, the city is investing in new infrastructure and mass transit options, including a potential eBART station all of which should help further simplify these commutes.

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Explore the City of Brentwood

Brentwood has plenty of amenities and local points of interest, making this community a popular destination for students, families, and single working professionals. The city has repeatedly been recognized with the Playful City USA designation, which celebrates Brentwood’s abundance of recreational facilities and public health initiatives. With over 234 acres of public parkland and 70 award-winning parks, Brentwood offers plenty of appeal for her residents.

Investing in Brentwood, CA Rental Property

Brentwood has witnessed phenomenal population growth over the course of the past few decades, with a 700% increase in local residents from 1990 to 2010. As this transition has taken place, much of the former farmer land within the community has been transformed into residential tracts. As the city continues its efforts to grow the existing infrastructure and make room for new residents and businesses, population growth is expected to continue. Naturally, this means housing needs in Brentwood will rise as well.

Purchasing rental properties in Brentwood is a savvy option for generating investment income, but it’s important to develop a strategy for maximizing your income. Many housing providers purchase homes, thinking it will be easy to make a quick profit. In fact, running a rental property in Brentwood can easily become a full-time job.

Partnering with a Brentwood Property Manager

Working with a qualified property manager in Brentwood, California is a simple way to take the stress off your shoulders, all while boosting your monthly returns. Of course, it’s important to find the right property management firm. You’re not only looking for an affordable option; instead, you need a Bay Area expert who knows how to optimize your property for success.

At Bruce Croskey Real Estate, we’ve helped hundreds of local homeowners to get the most out of their rental homes. We offer comprehensive property management in Brentwood; from maintenance to marketing and everything in-between, we’ve got you covered.

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Maintenance does not equal Repairs

Save Money

Like changing your oil to prevent engine failure, homes need maintenance to prevent tenant and home failure. Routine maintenance prevents costly repairs and replacements of the systems on your property. A well maintained home also makes tenants happy. Happy tenants pay rent and stay longer!


While we are performing inspections or our routine scheduled maintenance, we will be able to let you know about necessary repairs that need to be done. We will then coordinate the repairs for you with one of our vetted vendors. Systems on your property will need repair, plan for it.

Maintenance Standards

Every property we mange must have the following done:
☑ Clean the dryer vent
☑ Clean the gutters in the fall
☑ Lubricate the garage opener
☑ Inspect interior caulking
☑ Inspect exterior caulking
☑ Service HVAC twice a year
☑ Flush the water heater


Each of the four seasons has its own maintenance needs. We schedule all required maintenance so that you do not need to worry about it and so that it is not forgotten.

Maintenance Options

We have several options for dealing with your property maintenance needs.
☑ Pay Per Service
Maintenance Program Add-on
"The Super Pack" management service

Legal Guidance

Don't find yourself running afoul of the law. With the Bruce Croskey Real Estate team on your side, you can rest assured you're making decisions that are legally sounded.

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Unlike the other guys using outdated platforms to keep their properties afloat, we use innovative technology to keep your firm protected and manage relationships with our clients—it’s a difference that truly shows.

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Don’t leave your tenants dealing with just any old property manager. We work overtime to provide exemplary customer service, keeping renters satisfied and reducing your turnover rates.

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Lots of property managers use extra fees and expenses to nickel and dime their clients, but we’re cut from a different cloth. When you work with Bruce’s team of experts, you’ll know what to expect each month.

Your Tenants Will Love Our Customer Service

Don’t leave your tenants dealing with just any old property manager. We work overtime to provide exemplary customer service, keeping renters satisfied and reducing your turnover rates.

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Choosing the right property manager in the East Bay is a serious decision you shouldn’t take lightly. You’re not simply looking for the cheapest player in the game. Instead, you need a partner who understands the challenges of the local market and will work to protect your investment, keep tenants satisfied, and most importantly, make you money. At Wolfgang Property Management, we strive to ensure every client receives the best property management possible.

From Pittsburgh to Antioch, Bridgehead, and Bay Point, our seasoned team knows the East Bay, inside and out. For three generations, our family has been helping local property owners and investors to get the most out of their properties. Whether you need help managing a single home or you’re struggling to keep up with a portfolio of residential and commercial units, we can help you achieve enviable results.

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