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Property Management in the East Bay

What is our offer?

Save Money

Like changing your oil to prevent engine failure, homes need maintenance to prevent tenant and home failure. Routine maintenance prevents costly repairs and replacements of the systems on your property. A well maintained home also makes tenants happy. Happy tenants pay rent and stay longer!


While we are performing inspections or our routine scheduled maintenance, we will be able to let you know about necessary repairs that need to be done. We will then coordinate the repairs for you with one of our vetted vendors. Systems on your property will need repair, plan for it.

Maintenance Standards

Every property we manage must have the following done:
☑ Clean the dryer vent
☑ Clean the gutters in the fall
☑ Lubricate the garage opener
☑ Inspect interior caulking
☑ Inspect exterior caulking
☑ Service HVAC twice a year
☑ Flush the water heater


Each of the four seasons has its own maintenance needs. We schedule all required maintenance so that you do not need to worry about it and so that it is not forgotten.

Maintenance Options

We have several options for dealing with your property maintenance needs.
☑ Pay Per Service
☑ Maintenance Program Add-on
☑ "The Super Pack" management service

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