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If you have rental properties, you want to work with Bruce Croskey Real Estate. Specializing in the property management industry and out-of-the-box thinking we help generate more cash flow towards your bottom line. We can also help you with the compliance of city codes and regulations. We will manage your rental properties, so you can focus on new business ventures and enjoy free time with friends and family, etc. We meticulously screen new tenants to ensure they are a good fit for your property.

We have years of experience in working with individual and business entities to identify and locate ideal properties,  negotiating the best transaction terms, excellent local market knowledge with expertise to increase opportunities and maximize value for our clients.



Whichever step you are currently on, if you are just getting started, or ready to buy, we can help you lock in your Dream Home.

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Our Program is designed to create a strategy for selling your home and relocating to a local or out-of-state destination.

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We help you keep your property well maintained, which makes tenants happy. Happy tenants pay rent and stay longer!

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From Selling Your Property to Building a Portfolio Empire for Your Legacy and Beneficiaries... We are

At Bruce Croskey Real Estate...

We help you make the most informed decisions to ensure you have the best transaction experience. We are not a one-time transactional partner; we provide continuous support to our clients as their situations and needs change with time. From selling your properties to building a portfolio empire for your legacy and beneficiaries…we have you covered.

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