What is the difference between emergencies, urgent issues, and a non-emergency?

March 3, 2022


i. Emergency: There are no non-maintenance emergencies, except for police involvement, that  require  calling your manager on a holiday or late at night. If you email your manager, they may respond at their discretion outside of non-business hours.

ii. Urgent: Your manager will contact you no later than the next business day, usually the same business day depending on when you call or email. Urgent matters are anything that is time sensitive. This includes tax information, a current ledger balance before paying rent the same day, adjusting a meeting or same-day inspection time, or other similar issues. Urgent issues are not common. We encourage you to preface urgent emails with “URGENT” or “Time Sensitive” in the title.

iii. Non-Emergency: Your manager will contact you as soon as possible to resolve your concern, answer your question, or provide a timeline to resolution. Most communication falls into this category. It includes disputing a ledger balance or charge, updating contact information, inquiries about lease renewals or informing of departure, and payment verification.

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