What are your ongoing or monthly prices (specific)?

March 18, 2022

We offer tiered pricing to ensure that customers have a choice of the best service for their property and needs. You can see a full breakdown of the costs and benefits on our PRICING page.

No matter the tier you select we offer an excellent value for the money. Superior service will end up costing less over time than a cut rate competitor due to tenant satisfaction and retention and proper maintenance procedures. There is a direct connection to what you pay monthly and what a property manager can afford to provide in service, care and insight. If saving $10/month is more important for you than having the best company managing your investment, we might not be a good fit. If you understand that $10/month might save you $1000 over a year in controllable losses, call us today to get started.

The largest expenses you will typically encounter are related to a tenant turnover. Poor customer service, slow response times and unprofessional interactions means tenants are less likely to renew. Save a couple bucks by skimping on quality and you’ll pay ten times as much in other areas.

Let’s say you have a home that’s 10,000 sq. ft. with a pool, jacuzzi, massive irrigation system, private gates, customer appliances, multiple hot water heaters, air conditioning units and even a boat dock. Those items do not care for themselves. As the story goes more money, more problems. You need the staff and staff time to care for all of the things that can go wrong.

You’ve got a condo downtown that has nothing to manage? The condo may not be but your tenants are probably more affluent than others. If you charge $5,000/month in rent and have a property manager that doesn’t return calls. See how long they stay. They’ve got the money to move and don’t have to stick around for poor service.

The biggest avoidable cost in this game are all related to tenant turnover. They are vacancy, make ready expenses and leasing fees. Keep your tenants happy and you’ve just eliminated them entirely for one round. Offer poor customer service and you’ve just increased your expenses to the tune of about two months rent.

Skimping on quality will cost you in the long run whether the cut rate property manager shares that information or not. When shopping around be sure to ask about technology fees, annual fees, monthly account maintenance fees and other up-charges charged by other companies.

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