September 23, 2022

It depends on what needs to be done. Our preferred maintenance company is the Wolf Pack Property Maintenance for most issues. We use and contract through this separate company to serve outside agents and other property management companies as well. Maintenance is not management. Contracting for maintenance allows property managers to effectively manage properties and keep tenants happy and renewing. Many property management companies charge 10% on top of every repair, charge an hourly rate or add on annual or monthly technology fees or other fees to cover the cost of maintenance oversight then send it to outside contractors who mark the same item up 20% – 40% more. Overseeing maintenance problems are very time consuming, expensive and never as easy as they may seem. By having an affiliated business relationship with Wolf Pack Property Maintenance we can cut your total cost typically by 50% or more. Repairing preexisting conditions and/or coordinating multiple vendors to complete a larger renovation or repair is the work of a contractor and needs the oversight on site that a maintenance provider can provide to ensure the job is correctly completed.

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