Do we have to use your maintenance person or preferred vendors?

March 18, 2022

We will provide you with one estimate from our preferred vendors. If you’d like to obtain other estimates by licensed, insured and bonded (as required) service providers you’re welcome to do so.

Finding a unlicensed unknown vendor on the web or craigslist is not acceptable just to obtain the cheapest rate. Problems will happen if you take this route. We’re happy to oversee new acceptable licensed and insured vendors at an hourly admin rate per your management agreement. We do receive greater performance and consistency from using the best vendors. They do the job right, do professional billing and are experts at what they do. Some of our owners live in town and may prefer to do minor maintenance themselves. We do not coordinate with or permit owners to work themselves or arrange work through their friends on occupied properties. We’ve been down that road before.

Maintenance must be done to safety and code standards and on time. Anyone completing work at one of our properties is required to provide a copy of their insurance to us and sign an extensive vendor agreement. Comprehensively it’s sometimes better to pay someone to have a job completed correctly in one hour than to waste 6 hours trying to figure it a bid to save $50 then have to pay to have a babysitter for a cheap vendor. Nothing is as easy as it seems on the surface. Coordinating these type of repairs is what you pay us to do. We’ve had many owners attempt to google the cheapest service provider to save money then ask us to coordinate with an unreputable or uninsured vendor. This ends up in tenant dissatisfaction and many times hours of lost productivity in a good scenario. Ask us about the bad ones. Theft, damages, billing for work not completed are all common. For these reasons we have reputable approved providers that we can count on and who ensure client satisfaction.

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