Our Housing Provider Guarantees

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're unhappy for any reason please let us know so that we can address your concerns, but if we can not, we’ll let you out of the management agreement!

Leasing Guarantee

If a tenant leaves or must be removed within their first lease, we’ll find you a quality replacement tenant and cover the leasing fees should they exceed the security deposit retained.

Pet Damage Guarantee

Pet Damage! Manager charges a monthly Animal Administrative Fee to the tenant per each approved animal. We offer a guarantee that any damages caused to the home, above fair wear and tear, resulting from the approved animal(s) that is not covered by the security deposit will be reimbursed by Manager to make necessary repairs on behalf of the owner. This excludes any Service Animals per the Fair Housing Guidelines. This Free Animal Fee Guarantee is limited to an amount of $1,000.00. Any collection efforts under this provision become the sole responsibility and ownership of Manager.

21 Day Lease Guarantee

Manager will find a qualified tenant and have a signed contract within 21 days of advertisement, or Owner's leasing fee will be reduced by 50%. Some conditions apply to qualify for this guarantee. First, the property must be vacant and rent ready. Second, you must accept pets. 75% of prospective tenants have pets. We provide a guarantee for pet damage. Third, we will set the starting price with you and every 7 days we will review the marketing and make price adjustments.

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