Are you looking to start or expand your real estate investment portfolio in the city of Pittsburg?

January 25, 2023
discussing lending options with Bruce Croskey Real Estate

Our Company provides vital tools for investors, such as the comparative market analysis (CMA), which can be used to compare the purchase price, rehab costs, and after-repair value of multiple properties in Pittsburg to identify which will provide the highest return on investment.  To do this effectively requires organization and data analysis skills.  With a thorough CMA, real estate investors can make smart decisions to maximize their profits while minimizing risk.  We have the resources and technology to provide you with the best experience.

discussing lending options with Bruce Croskey Real EstateAre you looking for ways to come up with a down payment and differentiate lending options?  If so, you’ve come to the right place.  We will discuss how to identify the best loan pricing options, save on loan origination costs and maximize your return.  We will also compare loan terms and conditions to get the best possible deal.  We work with multiple highly qualified lenders who exceed industry norms in client experience.

Planning a purchase rehab project can be daunting, but with the right strategy and budget, it is possible to make the most of your investment.  To ensure success, we help you formulate a timeline for the execution of project milestones;  this includes researching qualified contractors and mapping out a plan that will provide you with the highest return on your investment.  With careful planning, you can ensure that your purchase rehab project is completed on time and within budget.

currenthousing market stats in Pittsburg caOur goal is to help you understand the area’s current market conditions, analyze profitability and cash flow potential, to make informed decisions on whether or not a particular property is worth your investment.  We’ll be able to help you make informed decisions using us to represent you as your Pittsburg real estate expert.  With our power partners, we can also help you make necessary connections in other crucial areas for your project, such as financial planning and hiring the right contractor, and refer you to a local CPA specializing in real estate.

Call us to crunch the numbers and help you create an action plan.  We are located in Pittsburg, California, and are a resource for neighboring cities and counties, especially in Contra Costa.  We can find properties in California and help you get partnered up with qualified Realtors in other states.


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