Is 2021 your year to purchase or sell a house?

August 10, 2022
meeting the seller

If so, it’s time to get ready.

If you’re selling, now is the perfect time to choose the agent to represent you; gather all the documents you’ll need for a listing; fill out your disclosure forms; and ready your house for photos.

Then your listing can be among the first to “go live” in the new year.

If you plan to buy, now is the time to choose both your real estate agent and your mortgage lender. Both will play important roles in your success.

Becoming pre-approved for your loan is the all-important first step to take before you begin your home search.

Why? Because homes are selling quickly, and sellers aren’t interested in waiting around to see whether you’ll be able to get a loan. They want that approval letter as proof that you can close.

The process becomes a little more complicated each year as new rules and regulations are added. That gives rise to stress for some, but the stress isn’t necessary.

As long as you have a dedicated agent at your side, it’s just a matter of taking one step at a time.

mortgage lenderWhether you plan to buy or sell, I’ll be happy to meet with you – in person or virtually – to explain the steps and show you what I do to assure my clients of success.

I look forward to hearing from you – now or in the New Year.

Happy New Year!

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