Yes, there is a shortage of listings in Pittsburg, CA, but…

July 26, 2022
shortage of listings

Yes, there is a shortage of listings in Pittsburg, CA, but…

When there are more buyers searching than homes for sale, it’s called a seller’s market. That means sellers are not likely to make concessions or accept “bargain basement” prices for their homes.

However, sometimes homeowners in a seller’s market make some very wrong assumptions.

House WorthThey assume they can ask for (and get) a price far above market value. They also assume that they don’t need to do anything to prepare the house for sale.

These are self-defeating assumptions, because they are far from the truth.

Yes, buyers are eager, and yes, they’re getting into “bidding wars” over some houses. However, they aren’t eager enough to pay more than a house is worth. Even if they were, if they need a mortgage loan, an over-market price won’t work. An appraisal would put a stop to that.

Today’s buyers also aren’t eager enough to tour houses that are cluttered, dirty, and in need of repair. At least, not unless a low, low price justifies the time, energy, and money they’d need to put into making renovations.

house for saleHouses here in Pittsburg, CA that are priced correctly and presented well are selling quickly. Houses that are poorly presented and/or priced far over market value aren’t getting much attention.

It’s true that any house will sell if the price is right. However, most of our buyers right now are seeking move-in ready homes, not fixers or “project houses.”

If you want to sell, preparing well and pricing correctly will be in your best interests.

If you’re thinking of selling, I’ll be happy to prepare a market analysis to show you the current value of your house here in the Pittsburg, CA market.

I’ll also be happy to advise you in preparing your house for market. I talk with home buyers every day so I know what they’re looking for and what matters most when they view a house.

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