Listing your Pitsburg, CA house soon? Consider this low cost – high impact upgrade.

July 26, 2022
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When your house is on the market, the first thing both internet browsers and visitors see is the exterior.

Visitors will get an overall impression from the curb. They’ll notice the lawn, the flowers, the shrubbery, the trees – and how all
of them are maintained. They’ll also get a first impression of the
house itself.

And what will be the focal point of their attention? The front door.

listing your homeThey’ll not only be looking at the door as they walk toward it, they may be standing there looking at it for a minute or two while their agent opens the lock box and lets them in.

What will they see? Tired paint? Finger smudges? Muddy paw prints and scratches? Dents? OR – will they see a clean, shining door in a
bright color that complements the house and welcomes them inside?

Whatever they see, it will create a first impression and an expectation that carries with them as they enter the house.

Even though people don’t consciously think about it, that first
impression will influence how they see the rest of the house. If it’s shabby, they’ll expect to see more flaws. If it’s beautiful, they’ll expect to see a well-maintained home.

new front doorStrangely, we see what we expect. Our subconscious minds tend to reinforce our first impressions and instantly-formed opinions. A new front door could make all the difference in what prospective buyers
see when they tour your Pittsburg, CA house.

That means: When selling a Pittsburg, CA home, a new front door is a sound

Polls show that a new front door is one of the most cost-effective
upgrades a homeowner can make when listing a house for sale. A new
door will almost always return more than 100% of its cost – and it
will help the house sell faster.

However – If the old door is only a bit tired, scrub it, sand it,
paint it, and add shiny new hardware. You’ll get the same impact for
even less cost.

If you have a screen door / storm door, the same applies. Make sure
it’s clean, undented, hanging straight, and free from rips in the

P.S. Another upgrade that almost always more than pays for itself is a
new garage door. Is yours in need of replacement?

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