DID YOU KNOW…July 15 is a “Do good – feel good” day.

July 15, 2022

July 15 is National Give Something Away Day

This day is perfect for any Pittsburg, CA homeowner who is getting ready to put their house on the market. It’s also perfect for anyone who is planning to move.

donate furnitureDe-cluttering and ridding your house of everything you no longer want, need, and use is a smart first step in getting a house ready for market, and in preparing for a move. Who really wants to pack and transport furniture, toys, household goods, and clothing that they know won’t be used in their next home?

Instead, look around Pittsburg, CA for a thrift shop that supports a cause you believe in. Then donate furniture and household goods to them.

If you have excess towels and blankets, give them to an animal shelter. They always need more.

Check local abuse or homeless shelters to see if they could use donations of clothing – for both adults and children. They probably do, and they could possibly use toys as well.

You’ll make yourself feel good…

donate clothing-Even if you aren’t planning to move, taking unused things out of your house can make you feel lighter and happier. It will make your house feel more spacious and will even simplify your cleaning chores. The bonus is how good you’ll feel, knowing you helped someone else.

What else could you do to celebrate National Give Something Away Day?

Pay for someone in line behind you at the coffee shop or a toll booth. A simple unexpected gift can brighten anyone’s day. And won’t you feel good knowing you did that?

Purchase a to-go meal and hand it to the first homeless person you see.

Pack a duffle bag or backpack with a blanket, warm sox, and essentials – then hand it to a homeless person.

Send flowers to a friend who is going through a tough time.

Deliver a casserole with “dinner for one” or a batch of homemade goodies to a senior who lives alone.

Take a stack of books or magazines to a Pittsburg, CA nursing home.

Use your imagination. Look around and you’ll see a group or individual whose day you could brighten with a small gift on National Give Something Away Day.

It will be a gift to you as well.

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