Good reasons to smile this April

May 2, 2022
elder people exercising

While this month promises to be a wild ride concerning the Coronavirus, the state of the stock market, and social distancing, it’s good to step back and focus on some positive things.

For instance, April is National Humor Month, and April 14 is International Moment of Laughter Day. The object of the day is to get people to laugh, and to laugh more often. They do say “laughter is the best medicine,” and that is probably true.

So get ready – stock up on some side-splitting jokes and exercise your own laugh muscles ahead of time.

April is also Hug a Friend Month, but you might want to skip that this year. Instead, make some phone calls to those who might be shut in and feeling lonely. Give some remote hugs to let your friends know you care.

April 2022 also brings good news for anyone who generally files for an extension on their Income Taxes – and then pays a penalty and late charge. This year you can wait until July 15 with no penalty or interest.

Once the health threat is contained, we expect to see pent-up demand from both home buyers and sellers. If you plan to be a part of that group, now is a good time to get ready.

If you plan to buy, call a favorite mortgage broker and get pre-approved for your mortgage loan. If you don’t have a favorite, call me. I’ll recommend a couple who have served my clients well.

If you plan to sell, this is a perfect time to make small repairs, clean down to the corners, de-clutter, and even repaint where needed.

Call me – I’ll be glad to discuss other ways for you to be first in line – either as a buyer or as a seller.

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