Relocation Remix Success Stories – Larry’s Story

April 28, 2022

Larry’s Story

Larry was approaching retirement, and had not saved up enough money to supplement his monthly income with his 401K and Social Security checks, but had plenty of equity in his home.

He researched different states that were more affordable to maintain his current lifestyle. He decided Texas would be the best option. Larry started doing his own research but ended up becoming overwhelmed. He didn’t know where to start, and what information he should be focusing on first. Larry was googling “relocation assistance”, landed on our Relocation Remix landing page, and decided to give us a call.

Gina provided the works of what Relocation Remix has to offer from selling his current home, pre-research on the new area, planning and coordinating the move, to getting connected with a real estate agent in Texas; he was covered. He even knew where to find people with the same hobbies in his new area. Larry was so relieved that Team Bruce Croskey could help him with all his real estate needs and more.

Larry is now living his best life.

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