Relocation Remix Success Stories – The Marshalls

April 27, 2022

The Marshalls Story

Sean & Tameca Marshall have been living in California their entire lives. Landon works at a local refinery that is scheduled to close this year. Sean couldn’t find any local jobs that paid him what he was earning at the refinery (with all the overtime he wanted). The Marshalls realized they couldn’t afford their mortgage with Sean not being able to find another local job. They wanted to take advantage of the favorable real estate market and get their house sold ASAP.

Sean found a great job opportunity in Kansas but was unsure how to go about relocating. They reached out to Gina after hearing from a friend who recently used the Relocation Remix Package. Gina walked the Marshalls through the process from start to finish; they were prepared for all milestones. They had a successful sale of their house and opted to have Gina travel with them to collect the keys for their new place.

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