is it too risky to buy or sell a home during the pandemic?

March 29, 2022
home sale during the pandemic
Some Pittsburg homeowners who need or want to sell are holding off because they feel it is simply too risky at the moment. Some buyers are also waiting.

But is it really too risky? Unless you’re at high risk, probably not – not as long as everyone takes proper precautions.

In many states the current rules say that homeowners should be absent during showings – which has always been true, but for a different reason. They also say only one agent and one prospective buyer can be in the house at the same time. That should take care of social distancing.

Next, you or your agent can supply booties and hand coverings at the front door – so nothing will be tracked in and a buyer opening a door can’t contaminate the house – nor can they pick up any stray germs you might have left behind. Provide a waste basket with a liner outside the door so they can dispose of gloves and booties on the way out.

Agents and their buyers can also wear masks

home sale during the pandemic
Finally, as soon as you return home you can sterilize door knobs and anything else that might have been touched prior to your visitors wearing gloves.
As for the offers, counter-offers, negotiations, mortgage loan applications, etc. – they can be all be done via phone and video conference. We’ve been signing papers remotely for many years, so that is nothing new.

Photography, inspections and appraisals can be done with the same care as showings, as can the closings.

The bottom line: If you need to buy or sell a home right now, it can be safely done.

When you’re ready to discuss your own plans to buy or sell a home in (city), call me! I’d love to explain all the steps we’re taking to keep people safe, and how we’re marketing homes during the pandemic.

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