If you plan to put your pittsburg home on the market when the crisis has passed…

March 29, 2022
put your pittsburg home on the market - Bruce Croskey Real Estate
put your pittsburg home on the market - Bruce Croskey Real Estate
If you plan to put your Pittsburg home on the market when the crisis has passed, make good use of this time at home. Use it to get ready to sell.

You’ve heard that de-cluttering is important, so go through closets and shelves looking for things you haven’t worn or used in a year or more. If they’re still good and you know you’ll never use them, put them in a box or bag to donate.

If you have old blankets and towels that are only taking up space, remember that animal shelters always need more.

Do you have craft kits, yarn, or stacks of fabric you purchased but never used? Senior centers would love to have them. The same goes for books you aren’t going to read again.

If you have children, help them sort through forgotten toys and fill a box to donate to a women and children’s shelter..

Tackle the refrigerator and the kitchen and bathroom cabinets with an eye toward containers that are out-of-date and or empty/dried out. I have no idea why, but most of us have a few things that have gotten pushed to the back of a shelf and forgotten.

While you’re at it, take everything out and scrub those shelves. It will feel good – and will look good when buyers open the doors to take a peek.

Setting the donation boxes aside for your next trip past a drop point, start new boxes and fill them with seasonal clothes and toys. Label those boxes well, so you’ll know just where they go when you move them into your next home. Do the same with seasonal kitchen items and decor.

Remember – when your closets and cupboards are not crowded, your future buyers will have the impression of “plenty of space,” which is what most people do want.

All of that can be a good 2 or 3 days’ worth of work – so when you’ve finished, do something to reward yourself for a job well done.

Do call me if you have a question about anything going on in the market – or if you need a suggestion for good places to donate those unneeded items.

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