How to choose the right Pittsburg real estate agent for YOU

March 29, 2022
Bruce Croskey Real Estate
Whether you’re getting ready to buy or sell a home in Pittsburg, the agent you choose will play a significant role in both your success and your peace of mind during the transaction.

One of the most common complaints real estate clients have about agents regards communication.

* Their agents don’t return calls, emails, or texts in a timely manner.
* They don’t answer questions fully.
* They don’t provide requested information.
* They don’t keep clients informed of developments.

Knowledge is vital, so begin your search with agents who are familiar with the area where you plan to buy or sell.

If you’re selling a home in Pittsburg you need an agent who is familiar with the neighborhoods and the homes for sale or sold in the immediate area of your home. A market analysis is only as good as the homes chosen for comparison, so hire an agent who can choose correctly.

If you’re a buyer, you need an agent who will know if the homes you’re viewing are priced correctly. You also want someone who can answer questions about the services available, the regulations, etc.

Once you have a list of agents who serve your neighborhood of interest, begin narrowing your choices.

Since communication is all-important, look for someone who responds quickly to your initial inquiry.

You shouldn’t expect an agent to answer every phone call or message immediately. In fact, not answering immediately might be a good sign.

After all, a good agent is generally a busy agent, so is likely to be with other clients. When you become that client you won’t want your agent interrupting a showing or a conversation with you to respond to a new prospect.

  You should expect them to respond, if only briefly, within an hour or so.

After that, pay attention to the time the agent is willing to spend answering your questions, explaining documents, etc.

Pay attention to attitude

Pay attention to attitude - Bruce Croskey Real Estate
If you’re selling a (city) house, choose an agent who likes the house. Marketing well requires a bit of enthusiasm, so choose someone who can and will be enthusiastic about your house.
That doesn’t mean he or she won’t point out repairs that need to be made or obstacles to be overcome. It simply means that it’s a poor idea to choose an agent who criticizes everything from the location, to the age of the house,to the floor plan, to the room sizes. Pay attention to the “vibes.”

Trust is all-important

Your agent will be giving you advice and helping you make some major decisions. Pay attention to the way he or she communicates and answers your questions before you make your choice. Then do listen to that little inner voice. If it says “I don’t think so,” then keep searching.
Trust is all-important - Bruce Croskey Real Estate

Personality counts too

Personality counts - Bruce Croskey Real Estate
Since you’ll be spending time with that person, you might as well enjoy it. Choose someone whose personality meshes with your own.

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