Staying healthy when buying or selling a home in 2022

March 22, 2022
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Before you make those important “Want, would like, and won’t accept” lists for your Pittsburg real estate agent, take some time to consider the home you’re living in right now.

Think about everything, beginning with the neighborhood and the yard or building amenities.

Most homes or places have a few features we love. They also have a few things that are constant annoyances. In addition, they may be missing a few things we long for.

Think about the location. Is there anything you would change about that? Why or why not?

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Now look at your yard, if you have one. Consider both the size and the features. Maybe you’re annoyed by having too much lawn to mow, or unhappy because there isn’t room for a garden, or for kids and dogs to play. Maybe you love that big shade tree or the deck where you BBQ on balmy evenings.

What do you love about the interior of your present home? The size of the rooms? The floor plan? The amount of storage? The fireplace?

What annoys you? It could be those same things, or perhaps it’s the lack of electrical outlets or the fact that there’s no mud room for shedding shoes in wet weather.

Make two lists, with anything that gives you a nice warm feeling going on the “I want” list. Put everything that makes you frown on the “I don’t want list” or put its opposite on the “Do want” list. Consider having each member of your household make these lists, so you can compare your answers. You may learn that a feature that doesn’t matter at all to you matters a great deal to someone else.

When you’ve finished, give your agent a list of features you must have and features you would like to have. At the same time, let him or know about the features that would make you automatically reject a listing.

These lists can simplify your search and prevent you from wasting time viewing Pittsburg houses that just won’t do for you and yours.

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