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March 21, 2022
Property management outstanding communication - house management services - Bruce Croskey Real Estate
At Wolfgang Property Management, we have three generations of real estate experience in Contra Costa County to serve you. Today we are talking about why you should work with us. Every company has online statements and direct deposits and all those great things available to their clients, so let’s talk about what makes us different from other property management companies.

One Stop Shopping

We are your one stop shop for everything pertaining to your rental property. In addition to real estate licenses, we also hold a general contractor’s license, a painting contractor’s license, and we’re licensed plumbers and locksmiths. 

This benefits you because you don’t have to source work out to 10 or 20 different people. All communication comes through us, and you know exactly who you’re working with.


We conduct inspections every six months to make sure your property is being well maintained. A lot of companies say they do inspections but we have a consistent schedule. We give you a copy of the inspection report with pictures and a detailed write-up on how your property looks and what kinds of things we recommend. We also help you create a long term budget by telling you what kinds of things will be needed at your property down the road. This helps you to put a plan in place to make your property more profitable and desirable to tenants.
Property Inspections with Bruce Croskey Real Estate

Social Media

Our social media presence is huge. When we post a vacancy on Facebook, we can get between 8,000 to 9,000 views of that posting. That’s a lot of exposure for your rental, which results in lower vacancies. Those 9,000 views also give you a prospective tenant pool that’s greater than average, which means you can find a better quality tenant.
Social Media - Bruce Croskey Management Services


Property management outstanding communication - house management services - Bruce Croskey Real Estate
A major part of our property management is outstanding communication. In addition to inspection reports, we have an online system that gives you regular updates with date and time stamps. Our property owners get a cell phone number for our property manager so they are constantly accessible. You can always send a text message or give us a call. If you own a property in a city outside of where you live, you need to know what’s going on and we excel at that.

These are just a few reasons for why you should work with us. If you’d like to hear more, or you have any questions, please contact us at Wolfgang Property Management.

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