March 7, 2022
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Home buyers in Pittsburg sometimes look at the cost of a home inspection as an unnecessary expense because, after all, the house will be appraised.

Yes, it will, but an appraisal is not an inspection. An appraisal only reflects the appraiser’s opinion of the value of the house as compared to other homes in Pittsburg that have recently sold. An inspection reveals problems that should be corrected prior to closing.

Part of the misconception probably stems from the fact that when a home is appraised for a VA or FHA loan, the appraiser is looking for problems that would make the house ineligible for financing.

For VA and FHA financing, homes must meet minimum structural soundness and occupant safety standards. Among other things, VA appraisers will check to see that the basic systems for heating, cooking, and personal hygiene are in place, and will “call out” evidence of pest infestation or lack of ventilation in the attic or crawl space.

Watching these appraisers look closely at the house could give the impression that they are doing a complete inspection, but they are not.

A home inspector looks at everything – down to testing the electrical outlets and running the dishwasher. He or she will check under sinks, look at the electrical connections for the water heater, notice every cracked window or torn screen, and make note of a shaky stair railing or loose tread.

home inspection - Bruce Croskey Real Estate
The home inspection can take hours, as the inspector examines spaces that homeowners seldom notice or think about.

Some items on an inspection report may reveal problems that should be repaired before closing. Others are minor and can be addressed later, if ever.
I do strongly encourage my Pittsburg clients to have a home inspection, even on new construction. The few hundred dollars spent could save them thousands later – or could prevent them from investing in a home that would turn into a “money pit.”

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