What I wish I would have known before relocating

August 17, 2021

You officially made it!

You’ve managed to work out all the details needed to move. There are boxes stacked up all around you. The furniture was just delivered.  You sit on your new plush couch by the window. Taking a quick, but much needed, breather to gaze at your new environment. You start noticing things that didn’t stand out before. 

Such as the neighbors seem to be neglecting their property upkeep.  Your house doesn’t have a pantry, and is lacking in closet space. The water pressure is actually quite awful. You were so eager to move that you rushed the process.  It’s a crazy real estate market and you bid on the first house you came across. It’s a lot of work to move. You want to make sure you are completely informed and prepared before you make any major decisions and act on it.

Pick a seasoned Realtor to assist you: Not all real estate agents are great.  Many agents lack the knowledge base to properly represent you. You want someone representing you that is aware of the good and bad neighborhoods. Someone established and not just looking for the next commission check. You want someone who will make sure the transaction goes smoothly. Because, the last thing you want is more stress. 

Do your research: Look up the neighborhood demographics and crime rate statistics for the area’s you are considering. What kind of ratings does the educational system have? Are you conveniently located to major retailers? Are there local parks and a sense of community there? Were you looking for quiet suburban or lively nightlife vibes? 

Opt for property inspections: Prior to closing escrow on a home you want to make sure you have completely inspected the property. The minimum standards would be getting a home inspection bundle package (roof, septic, pest, and home inspection reports). You find out a good deal of information about the property’s current issues, it’s upkeep, and safety standards.  

If it’s an older home, you should definitely consider a sewer lateral inspection. Is the plumbing in good condition? Or, are there possible issues coming up? Such as deteriorating plumbing or roots infiltrating the system.  There are a ton of other inspections to consider.

Doing your research ahead of time can help prevent some property headaches down the road. Relocating to another state is a lot of work (with researching, making preparations, and the physical demands of moving your stuff).That’s why it’s best to be represented by a Realtor that is detailed,  experienced, and ethical to represent you. You want someone that will help provide you with the peace of mind that you have made the best decisions.

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