In the wake of the pandemic – do you need a different house?

June 28, 2021
work from home

Day to day life has changed for many of us in the past few months. If has changed for you, your housing needs may have changed as well.

If you began tele-commuting, you and your employer may have decided that should be a permanent arrangement. But… that might mean that you’d like a dedicated office space in order to keep your work and home lives separate.

You may also be realizing that working from home allows you more choice in where you live. You no longer need to commute to an office, so you can move farther from the city. In fact, you could even move to a location you thought would be out of the question until retirement.

home schoolingPerhaps you’ve been home-schooling your children – and like it. They may be learning more and be happier, free from peer pressure, bullies, cliques, etc. But again, unless you already had extra space, you might be dreaming of a home with space for your “school house.”

If you and your family have been under lock-down orders you might have decided your house is too small. Knowing that this could happen again, you’re dreaming of a home where everyone could have some private space for alone time.

What about caring for elderly parents? Many have been concerned over being unable to check in daily due to lock-down restrictions, and are now thinking of multi-generational living.

Whatever the reason, if you’re now thinking that a “change of place” would be a good idea, get in touch. I’ll be happy to show you the value of your current Pittsburg, CA home in today’s market – and happy to get it sold while I help you find a replacement that fits your new lifestyle.

Call today and lets get started!

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